Hotpot Festival a Hot Spot at the Food Festival
By Chengdu Panda Asian Food Festival

Chengdu Panda Asian Food Festival (CPAFF) kicked off on May 16, and the Asian Hotpot Festival — Hotpot and Cookware Exhibit was launched on the same day.

Venue: Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center
About 400 exhibitors showcased their delicious hotpots. The special aroma together with white steam arising from the boiling pots was the best invitation for foodies.
↑Participants exchange views while enjoying the hotpot.
In the exhibition, different kinds of hotpot soup, seasoning and dipping sauce were on display, while all the delicacies were free and unlimited.
↑Hotpots with different flavors are on display.
↑Exhibitors taste hotpots of different flavors.
↑An exhibitor is having mushroom soup hotpot.
In the Hotpot and Cookware Exhibit, diversified hotpot soup and ingredients always attract the most attention.
↑ A rice wine display attracts a lot of attention.
↑ An exhibitor from Zhengzhou, Henan Province, has a kitchen to cook Wang Po Prawns.
↑ Visitors taste Wang Po Prawns fresh from the pot.
↑ Visitors taste hotpot of different flavors.
↑ Exhibitors and traders communicate.
A highlight of the CPAFF, the Asian Hotpot Festival is a display for China's outstanding brands in the hotpot industry, recipes, seasonings, sauces, ingredients and cookware.
↑ A visitors tries out a product believed to help people get rid of the smell of hotpot.