Kuixinglou Street: Heaven for Foodies and Art-loving Youth
By Chengdu Panda Asian Food Festival

Look at the people outside the restaurants waiting for their turns to get a bite and you’ll know how Kuixinglou Street is so popular among young locals and tourists.

Kuixinglou Street has risen to be the most popular complementary location to the Wide and Narrow Alleys, one of the hottest tourist spots in the city, in recent years by molding itself a showcase of gourmet foods and artistic trends, a magnet to tourists to the city and the younger generations.
The arguably two most famous restaurants on the street are Super-in Malatang Traditional Way and Chengdu Chef, each specializing in Chuan-chuan and Sichuan homemade cuisine, while other eateries and small snack shops also attract quite a lot of foodies seeking for local snacks like the Baked Egg Pancakes, chicken's feet, Fried Rice Balls, tender tofu and Ice Jelly.
Art-loving young people like to visit the street because of its artistic environs as exemplified by the Min Tang Studio Community and the NU Café, where they find enjoyable time in salons, displays, gigs, bazaars and cult movies.

Part of the walls on the sides of the street, covered with elaborate mural paintings by young graffiti artists, gives an obvious indication of the artistic atmosphere of the site and good sources for the visiting smart phone users, who would like to take photos of the paintings and then post them on social media.