Luodai Ancient Town
By Chengdu Panda Asian Food Festival

Luodai Ancient Town in Longquanyi District is the largest Hakka community in western China.

Luodai Ancient Town is located inLongquanyi District in eastern Chengdu. It is the largest Hakka community in western China, where old-style constructions and cultural relics are well preserved.
The town was founded during the period of Three Kingdoms (220 - 280) and, according to the legend, the Shuhan emperor Liu Shan dropped his jade belt into a well when he passed through this small town and thus the town was named 'lost belt' (落带). It later evolved into its current name (洛带) with the same pronunciation but different characters.
Luodai Ancient Town is one of the five major Hakka settlements in China. Three or four hundred years ago, a group of Hakka people moved to Luodai from coastal cities. It has since grown into the largest community in western China for Hakka people.
Address: #132 Fuxing Street of Luodai Township, Longquanyi District