One-day Tourist Destinations around Chengdu
By Chengdu Panda Asian Food Festival

Go out to the suburbs, and you'll be impressed by the beautiful and enchanting sights, the ancient towns, theme museums, hills and rivers and of course the colorful customs with distinct local flavors.

Recommended destination 1: Sansheng Village
The area has a long history of flower planting, and it is named as the Town of Flowers by China Flower Association. As the flower base of Chengdu, Sansheng Village has flower markets selling all kinds of flowers and a larger number of small florist shops that attract urban residents who would come to buy flowers, seeds, pot plants and gardening products. People also go there to taste fresh countryside dishes, play chess and cards, have a cup of tea and go fishing in the numerous farm houses nearby.
Traffic: Bus 196, 230 and 238 to the Flower Market (Chengdu Wanfu Flower Industrial Park).
Recommended destination 2: Anren Ancient Town
The town boasts the largest community of private museums in China, the Jianchuan Museum Cluster, which has more than 30 museums with a collection of more than 8 million items. Up to now, 25 of the museums have been opened to the public.
Traffic: the town is about 50km from Chengdu downtown; there is a direct coach to Anren Ancient Town from the Wide & Narrow Alleys, with the round-trip ticket at RMB 30.
Recommended destination 3: Shixiang Lake
Reputed as Chengdu's Backyard Garden, it is a national ecological demonstration zone, with the forest coverage reaching over 90%. The Tulip Festival and Lily Festival, the most popular flower shows at Shixiang Lake, are held March-April and September-October respectively every year.
Traffic: the site is 92km from Chengdu downtown; visitors can take a coach to Shixiang Lake at Xinnanmen Bus Terminal, with ticket fare at RMB 27.
Ticket: RMB 80 for grown-ups and RMB 40 for children below 1.3m (including 1.3m)