Sichuan Hot Pot
By Chengdu Panda Asian Food Festival

Chengdu Hot Pot has a great variety of tastes and ingredients.

At the mention of Chengdu, many people will immediately think of Hot Pot. Chengdu Hot Pot has a great variety of tastes and ingredients. Tastes range from mild, moderate to very spicy, while the theme ingredients may be spicy brews, fish head or medical herbs.
There are countless Hot Pot restaurants in Chengdu and having a taste of Chengdu Hot Pot is almost a must to the visitors. As the saying goes, "if you haven't eaten Hot Pot in Sichuan, you haven't really been to Sichuan."
Yuanyang (double tastes): half red chili oil and half clear soup with Sichuan flavored essences.
How to eat it?
Typical Hot Pot dishes include thinly sliced meat, leafy vegetables, mushrooms, dumplings and seafood. Once the soup is boiling, the ingredients can be put in to the pot. After a few seconds, the thinly sliced meat and vegetables are ready to eat, often after being dipped in a garlic flavored sauce.
Recommended dishes:
Mala Niurou (spicy beef), Daiyu (sliced ribbon fish), Rouwan (minced meatballs), kinds of mushrooms, bean products, Tudoupian (sliced potatos), Oupian (sliced lotus root), Hongshaofen (vermicelli made of sweet potato), and so on.
For those who do not mind to have animal innards, do not miss maodu (beef stomach), Yachang (duck intestines) and Huanghou (pig aorta).