Three-day Tour Destinations around Chengdu
By Chengdu Panda Asian Food Festival

Go into the suburbs of Chengdu and you'll be impressed by the enchanting sights, the ancient towns, hills and rivers, and of course the colorful customs with distinct local flavors.

Recommendation One: Jiuzhaigou
Located in Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, about 540 km from Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou Scenic Spot is one of the most popular tourist destinations in China, the most popular scenic spot in Chinaamong foreigners, and has one of the World Top 10 lakes. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Nature Reserve and National Park, a showcase of the crystal-clear lakes, stunning waterfalls and majestic mountains.
Traffic: about 1 hour by air; 8 hours by bus
Admission: RMB220 peak season (April 1-Nov.15); RMB80 off season (Nov.16-Mar. 31)
Recommendation Two: Miyaluo
Located in the Lixian County in northwestern Sichuan and some 260 km from Chengdu, the Miyaluo Scenic Spot is one of China's largest sites for red-leave appreciation. It is also known for the forests, hills and valleys.
Miyaluo has an area of nearly 3, 000 sq. km. Trees in Miyaluo begin to change colors in early October, drawing a large number of tourists and shutterbugs to admire the beautiful scenery.
Tourist attractions in the area include Gu'ergou Hot Springs, Zhegu Mountain Natural Park and so on.
Apart from the colored leaves in autumn, Miyaluo has much more to offer in other seasons: flower sights in spring, cool weathers in summer, and the snow mountains and skilling fields during the winter months. Travelers also have the opportunity to visit local residents and experience the Tibetan culture in the area.
Traffic: direct bus service at Chadianzi Bus Station or Ximen Bus Station in downtown Chengdu; ticket price about RMB40.
Recommendation Three: Xinduqiao
Situated in Kangding County in western Sichuan, 3, 300 meters above the sea level, Xinduqiao has made a name for itself as the "Photographers' Paradise" for its magnificent scene, which displays its best in late autumn.
Traffic: about an 8-hour drive from Chengdu